marți, 19 ianuarie 2016

The Magical Energy of Twinkling Lights
Christmas is here and around the world many retail stores and individuals have put up thousands of twinkling coloured lights on trees or as decorations in their homes, offices, along streets and in shopping malls and retail stores. Such lighting seems to create a feeling of instant happiness and uplifted spirits...and at night it is every more powerful creating the cosmic balance of opposing yin and yang forces...opposing yet complementary forces of light against the darkness of the night that unlocks plenty of good fortune energy!
Now... here's what's really important... it's the "twinkling" aspect - each little light being turned off and on... so that each time this happens it symbolizes more new light energy getting created and over time millions and millions of lights get lit up. So just consider the power that gets unleashed each time you turn on your twinkling lights. The multiplication effect of yang energy is incredibly powerful.
This is one reason why lights like this make auspicious and powerful offerings to the Gods - Buddhists, Christians and Hindus alike all use lights... like candles, or electric lights on their altars representing light offerings to their Gods or deities. And the brighter the lights offered the greater it benefits the positive transformation of the minds of the devotees making the light offerings.
Twinkling Lights Attract Good Fortune
LightOfferingsIn retail and eating establishments, twinkling lights are considered to be excellent feng shui enhancing agents. Restaurants and nightclubs draw in more customers and experience increased business when they are decorated this way. Yes, the lights themselves have the power to pull in plenty of new customers because they create that sense of happiness and goodwill, which is very good for business!
So as we enter the season and celebration of Christmas and New Year and then the lunar New Year, it would be a most auspicious time to decorate with plenty of new lights in your homes and at your office or business premises. And add these sparkling wonders to your altar... where they can remain all year round.
Have fun... decorate and make your home come alive... imbued with the powerful yang energy unleashed by the "twinkling" aspects of the lights.
Create fresh new chi for the coming year!

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