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The Magic "Open-Sesame"
“Tuning into your spirituality enhances your personal power. Your charisma increases even as your aura expands. This makes you very attractive. Your words begin to have more power and your personality exudes greater confidence. Tuning into your spirituality unleashes a very special kind of energy, which seems infinite in its strength as it dispels all negatives such as intolerance, anger, petty selfishness and jealous behavior. You find that you actually dismiss these emotions as “petty”.
Your spiritual personal gets increasingly pure and powerful. It does not matter if you are a sophisticated high-flyer living in a penthouse in New York, or a humble nomad living in a hut in the mountains of India...when you activate your spiritual essence you will be tapping into the same inner power that exists inside all human beings. Everyone has a spiritual self - a spirit! It is this that enables us to work great magic in our lives. It is our spirit that inspires and motivates us to reach great heights. It also opens the channels that connect us to the cosmic universe.
So, how can we tap into our spirit essence? The good news is that going spiritual does not require you to be anything other than what you are!
The spiritual self is the MIND, and empowering the mind is a very liberating experience. All it calls for is to power your thoughts, words and deeds with genuinely positive motivation.
There is no need to show outward “holiness” or “determination”. When you focus on positive motivation - which is to benefit others in everything you do, as opposed to harming others - you will maximize your potential for success a thousand fold.

Connect to your
spiritual Potential
The secret lies going deep into your mind. When you sit down and allow your mind to tune inward gently and without stress, you will connect with your spiritual potential. You will feel this as you connect with an inner strength that you never knew you had! The magic “open sesame” lies in the purity of your intention. When your feng shui is practiced with genuinely good intention, it takes on great potency. I know this from personal experience! “
The above excerpt was taken from my book Spiritual Feng Shui - The Vital Third Dimension. I urge all of you to read this book and learn more about how to live in harmony with the cosmic spirits and how to live in harmony with yourself!
Tune into your spirit... toay!
Love Lillian

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