marți, 19 ianuarie 2016

Lache, Wow.
What a terrific trip last week. The weather in California was so, well, California. It was sunny and warm and beautiful. In short, it was amazing, but I don't just mean about the weather.
This is me and my event manager, Linda Cain, with Blu Diamond Event Management. Besides being a hands-down event pro, she's also a darn nice person. We looked at hotels from north of LA down to San Diego. Do you have events? No matter where they are or where you are, call Linda. She will help you seriously step up your game.
This is a picture of Linda and me at the Unstoppable Foundation Gala we went to on Saturday night. Talk about inspirational.... business owners are building schools in Africa, helping families with a hand up and lifting people out of poverty. It was a pretty incredible way to end a fabulous five days of scouting beautiful hotels for my next training conference. Sigh, yes, someone has to do it! :)
I also got to spend some time with dear friend, Carrie Ponticelli, who opened up her home to us instead of having to stay at a hotel in the area. To be surrounded by such wonderful people is a true blessing. This is probably what I love best about my "business." I get to meet fantastic, amazing people and wonderful women who end up as friends.
Is that the kind of a business that you could enjoy? It's what I would wish for you.
If so, please join us for the Red Lotus Master Consultant Conference this fall. Everyone will tell you that the people are what's so amazing at the MCC's, and it's true. Once you've been in the MCC bubble it's hard to come out of it.
It's Spring!
It may not have seemed like we were ever going to get there, but it's official as of last week that we will be warming up. In honor of all that new growth, today's new Feature Article is all about trees and feng shui. I just love trees and having them in your yard really gives you great feng shui. Want to improve your energy, growth and luck immediately? Landscape and beautify your garden!
Today's feng shui question is about spiral staircases. Just in case you didn't know, they are some bad mojo. I explain it all in the Q&A.
Have a wonderful week and happy spring!
Sending you chi and crackers,


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