sâmbătă, 12 martie 2011

Lillian Too

Spiral Staircases?
Spiral staircases, which may look great in some trendy, small flats, are really not a good idea. A spiral staircase acts just like a corkscrew and creates negative spiraling energy... especially if located in the center of your home or apartment. Steer clear of these no matter how attractive and space saving they appear to be. 

Do you have a mirror in your entryway that directly reflects the main door? I've seen it countless times...decorators like to use large wall mirrors in an entryway to make it appear larger and open the space but this is a strict feng shui taboo for sure. This causes chi and any good fortune that may be entering your home to fly straight out again and is also dangerous as it can cause illness and misfortune for the patriarch or head of the household. Remove mirrors that reflect and directly face your main door.

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