sâmbătă, 12 martie 2011

Kathryn Weber

Hang one of these beautiful crystal balls near your windows to catch the sun's rays and reflect them into a stunning rainbow that will illuminate your home and harmonize the flow of chi.
This crystal is a must have for anyone with stairs stopping at the front door. This arrangement can cause chi to flow to quickly. Hanging a crystal between the stairs and the door will stop the chi from flowing out to quickly -- something that can also cause neck problems.
If you have a sink and stove located opposite of each other this causes spouses to argue, the yellow and white crystals will stop the arguments that arise from a clash of water and fire elements. Use one of these beautiful and heavy crystals to enhance your home!
Pink: Enhances love, relationship, harmony, & romance luck.
Lavender: Enhancer of good fortune; magnifies wealth, business, & prosperity.
Yellow: Enhances income & wealth luck. 

6 crystal ball set makes relationships smooth & harmonious

This beautiful set of 6 crystal balls represents the unification of heaven (round shape) And earth (crystal). The number six, in this set, signifies the heaven luck number which ensures smooth, harmonious and loving relationships.
The smooth crystal balls in your home symbolize a happy, harmonious family. Display in your living room to enhance good luck, wealth, and good fortune and to make life and all your relationships smoother and easier. A tremendous value for a group of six that come with crystal stands. (3.5" in diameter)

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