sâmbătă, 22 ianuarie 2011

Lillian Too

Dear Carmen,
A MANDALA is a community or circle of like-minded people who want to attain ultimate happiness for self and others by expanding their knowledge and their life experiences ... and I am thrilled to welcome you into my Mandala.
Here we shall connect on a regular basis, enter into each other's lives, become friends and enrich one another through our communication. In the coming weeks, I will open new pathways for you into the world of feng shui, and show you the ways of using placement of things and changing orientations to seriously enhance your lives! I come to you with a wonderful network of amazing people - highly skilled lineage masters, talented cosmopolitan students, powerful esoteric resources and impressive "knowledge allies" - all part of my Mandala.
And there is so much I have to share with you...
A wealth of knowledge about all the different methods you can harness to enhance, improve and energize your life... to make all your relationships truly meaningful, to bring about such good health that you feel revitalized and strong; and to enrich your lifestyle as you open your eyes to all that the world has to offer. You can use feng shui methods to increase your prosperity level and expand your incomes, but that is not all that is important...
What is vital is also to feel happy and relaxed about these things and to ensure that whatever you gain from feng shui is not temporary. As a safeguard, I will show you how to lock in all the "goodies" that good feng shui brings with easy ways to update the energy harmonies that surround you not only now but ... from year to year ...
Here are a few things that you'll discover in the coming weeks and months ahead...
You'll learn that great wealth and excellent health mean nothing when the spirit is unhappy... so it is vitally important that in gaining material success, we also make our lives meaningful by broadening our "feel good" motivations and to this end I will share spiritual teachings and many uplifting and sacred practices with you. This is what defines this Mandala ...
You'll notice a very "contemporary" feel and style to this Mandala, because I am so mindful that we are living in the 21st century where our lifestyles, our aspirations and life values are different from those of the past.
And I know you'll appreciate how fun and easy I make the practice of feng shui for you and how very suitable it is for the modern day environment you live in. It will be as easy to use in the city as in the country, in apartments as in landed houses, and in cramped spaces as in large luxurious mansions ... and no matter how deeply into the subject we go, it will continue to be easy to understand and simple to use.
I will share stories with you, some funny, some inspiring, others plain gossipy ... and occasionally I will invite you into the intimacy of my inner circle and into my home. Hopefully over the months we will grow closer ...
What I really hope and wish for is that we will meet each other someday - and in the coming months I will create the events to make this possible in different parts of the world. I will show you how we can continuously live "in sync" with the dynamics of changing energy patterns from year to year by aligning our energies with that of our astrological cosmic auras and tap into the ancient knowledge that has come down intact for us, to keep in rhythm with the comic forces of the Universe.
So that's just a small "taste" of what's in store for you... and I look forward to getting to know you in the coming weeks ahead.
With love,
Lillian Too

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