sâmbătă, 12 martie 2011

Kathryn Weber

Water is the element associated with career, job and business opportunities - and generating more income. Water is considered yin in nature because it takes things inward (think of a stone thrown in a pond) and falls downward. In feng shui, water is also considered to be a danger. If you've ever witnessed a flood or a hydroelectric dam, you know the awesome power water yields. 

Blue doors welcome money.
If your home faces southeast, north, east, or southwest, painting your door a rich blue will help to stimulate wealth - and almost INSTANTLY! Blue represents water at your front door, which is extremely auspicious. Don't miss an opportunity to paint your door blue if your house faces one of the favorable directions. And, if you've painted it black, that's great, too!

Blue jewelry beckons money to you.
Wearing metal jewelry helps to stimulate wealth because metal makes water in feng shui, so be sure to select and wear blue jewelry and accents - especially in the Year of the Rabbit.

Blue is the color of career, business growth, and opportunity.
Blue colors are associated with the north, the direction of career and business opportunity. When you undertake new career endeavors or want to expand your direction, put your focus on the north sector and be sure to use the color blue - and water, too!

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